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Will 2024 be the year you say YES to yourself?!

This programme is for you if you're a woman learning about yourself through the challenges of your sensitive canine companion!  You want to experience the fullness of life and relationships, to find your inner strength and to shine!

But instead you are feeling...

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  • Overwhelmed and pressured by the responsibility of having to care for a sensitive dog and people who don't understand.
  • Afraid, nervous, fearful - about what your dog might do and how others will respond.
  • Doubtful & indecisive about making the right choices and decisions on your dog's behalf.
  • Not able to set boundaries and always putting other's needs and wishes before your own.
  • Judged & criticized and concerned about what others think about you and your dog.
  • Unsafe - going for walks or having visitors come over fills you with anxiety as you can't always control the environment and triggers.
  • Lacking in confidence in your own skills and abilities to support your dog and keep them safe.
  • Guilt and shame  - you feel like you have failed your dog or are somehow responsible for their challenging behaviour.
  • Worried about your dog, their wellbeing and what the future holds for you both.
  • Ungrounded - your nervous system is frazzled and you get easily triggered, jumpy and stressed out when your dog over-reacts.
  • Alone and unsupported - your family and friends don't understand your dog's sensitive nature, and don't agree with the way you are handling things.

You CAN turn this around!
And, I'm here to show you how.

With the Shift, Align & Shine Programme, featuring the unique and powerful Creatrix® method

This is a guided and immersive experience, specially tailored for you, as you journey to discover your own inner wisdom, regulate your emotions and gain the courage and strength to be who you really are.   Stepping away from all the worry, fear and not-good-enoughness, and stepping into feeling empowered, confident, full of life and energized. 

This method really works! Creatrix® is fast, painless and enlightening,  and the results are lasting and sustainable!

Witness how your life changes in response the NEW YOU! When you change on the inside, things change on the outside too - and that includes your dogs, your relationships and how the world responds to you.

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 I’ve had a HUGE, HUGE shift about how I’ve been feeling about things, how I’ve been responding to things.  Actually, I’m feeling pretty damned incredible!!  I’ve got that spark back again, I’ve got some fire in my belly, I’ve got some clarity over what I’m doing and what I want to be doing - in fact the last couple of days have been pretty huge, in that step away from where I was to THIS - it’s amazing!


Since my life changed in such a big way when my husband passed I have spent so much energy and effort trying to reinvent myself.

I have been through numerous counselling and different therapies. Creatrix is the only support that has really changed things for me .

The Creatrix sessions were beautiful, emotional and tiring.

Now I feel light, peaceful and free. I no longer feel the need to reinvent myself or my life. I just need to be true to myself and spend my energy in doing all the things I love.


One of the biggest learnings from Creatrix has been "Doing my best is perfect ''. No matter what it looks like, one step after another, no matter how long it takes. And I definitely have been surprised by what "my best" can look like...

Thank you so much for this beautiful adventure and your never-failing-support, especially as I was going through the bumps at the beginning - it has felt  uncomfortable for a little while, but from the other side, it looks very different!

Could this be you?

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